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FAQ – Custom Challenge Coins

Welcome to Your Custom Coins FAQ page, your go-to resource for answers to all your questions. We’ve curated this space to provide clarity and guidance on commonly asked questions about our services, ordering process, pricing, and more. Whether you’re new to custom challenge coin creation or a seasoned enthusiast, our aim is to address your concerns and ensure a seamless experience. Explore this section to gain insights, understand our processes, and feel empowered to embark on your unique coin-making journey with confidence.

What is the most common coin size?
1.75″ is the most common sized coin.
What is the best coin finish?
Antique Brass, Antique Silver, Gold Plated, and Nickel Plated are the most common finishes and all work great for any coin. Personally, our favorite finish is Antique Silver. It tends to show off the small details better.
How long does it take to get my coins?
Once we receive your approval on the final design it can take two to three weeks to get the coins to you.
What options should I get for my coin?
It truly depends on what you want the coin to look like. If you are getting color on a coin we always recommend adding epoxy. We use an epoxy/enamel mix that really allows the color on the coins to shine.
We do typically recommend against cut edges on coins. The cutting exposes the coin and it leaves it vulnerable to oxidation/tarnishing. It looks great and we will be happy to do it, but if the coin gets handled it may affect the coin.
What do you mean by Enamel/Epoxy mix?
The distinction between regular enamel and an enamel/epoxy mix lies in the texture and finish. While regular enamel provides a smooth and vibrant surface, the enamel/epoxy mix introduces a subtle depth, creating a visually appealing effect that mimics the look of ‘baked on’ enamel. This mix adds dimension to the design, offering a unique tactile quality that enhances the overall appeal of the coin. The result is a striking visual impression that combines the richness of enamel with an added layer of depth, elevating the coin’s aesthetic and tactile experience.
Will you help with the design?
Yes! We are happy to help get you the coin you want! We will work with you to make sure it is the best coin possible. Many times, we will provide recommendations on what we think would help make the coin pop!
How will the coin be packaged?
We offer multiple types of packaging, but our base packaging is a PVC pouch.
Can I make any coin I want?
Nope. Will will not duplicate some coins due to copyright laws and we will not make government agency coins (USSS, CIA, FBI, etc…) unless we receive an e-mail from an official e-mail address of that agency.
Additionally, if you are using an image on your coin that may be copyrighted, we assume that you have gained permission to use that image.
You have a coin that I would like to purchase for my collection. Can I buy it?
We do make coins to sell, but the majority of our coins are made for private customers and they are not available for purchase. Please visit our Store to see what is currently available.