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Challenge Coin Gallery

Welcome to our challenge coin gallery, showcasing a curated selection of our finest creations. Each coin reflects a unique blend of craftsmanship and personalization, offering a glimpse into the possibilities for your custom challenge coin design. Our gallery provides a spectrum of options, ranging from intricate metalwork and vibrant enamel to various finishes, textures, and shapes.

Explore our collection to envision the potential for your custom challenge coin. Witness the precision of raised metal borders, the brilliance of colorful enamel fills, and the artistry in precision-cut designs. From classic round coins to custom-shaped masterpieces, this gallery encapsulates the diverse array of choices available to craft a coin that resonates with your vision and story.

Delve into this gallery not just to admire, but to envision. Each coin presented here is a testament to our dedication to quality, customization, and the artistry we bring to every project. Let this be a starting point—a canvas upon which your unique story can be etched in metal, designed to honor, commemorate, and inspire.

After exploring the gallery, visit our pricing page for a preliminary cost estimate.

Marine Corps Challenge Coin
1.75″ Antique Brass Transparent Epoxy 3-D Design
Command Sergeant Major Army MEDCOM Challenge Coin
3″ Antique Silver Color Enamel Spinner Coin Swirl Edge
Fredericksburg Challenge Coin
2″ Antique Silver Color Epoxy Mix
Black Nickel Challenge Coin
1.75″ Black Nickel Epoxy Enamel Mix
2" Antique Silver Epoxy Enamel Mix Transparent Epoxy
2″ Antique Silver Epoxy Enamel Mix Transparent Epoxy
Business Challenge Coin - Better than a business card!
2″ Antique Silver Epoxy Enamel Mix Odd Shaped
1.75″ Gold Plated Transparent Epoxy
MSgt USMC Retirement Challenge Coin
2.5″ Gold Plated Color Epoxy Mix Odd Shaped
Marine Corps Challenge Coin
3″ Antique Brass Color Enamel Transparent Epoxy
Challenge Coin with offset printing
2″ Antique Silver Offset Printing
Challenge Coins that never were, George Washington
2″ Antique Silver
Jim Hopper Stranger Things Chief of Police Challenge Coin
1.75″ Antique Brass Epoxy Enamel Mix
Odd shaped USMC Challenge Coin
2″ Antique Brass Enamel Epoxy Mix Odd Shaped
1.75″ Gold Plated Epoxy Enamel Mix Silver Plating